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Welcome to the Energy Democracy Central West NSW renewable energy

If you live in Central West New South Wales, you can become a member of the local Energy Democracy
co-operative and access cheaper power.
A 5MW town-scale solar park with 5MW battery storage is planned to be developed at 643 Mitchell Highway, Orange. 
Parcels of shares in the co-operative, comprising 2.5kW of solar PV panels and 2.5kWh of battery storage, will be available for just $4,995 thanks to a $3.5M grant from the New South Wales government’s Regional Community Energy Fund.
Home owners, renters, apartment dwellers, small businesses and landlords will all benefit as a member accessing cheaper power provided by the sun.  Importantly, you don’t lose your investment if you shift within the region.
The Energy Democracy Central West NSW Co-operative has been established, with a volunteer board including local people shepherding the co-op’s investment in the solar park.  The disclosure statement, detailing the offer to invest to potential members, will be available to download here in January 2021. Once it is available, the doors will be open to anyone in Central West NSW to become a member of the Co-operative!
Only 917 parcels of shares will be available. If you would like to receive the disclosure statement, please register your interest now.

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By choosing to join an Energy Democracy Renewable Co-operative you have the opportunity to save money on your power bill while also making money.

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