Energy Democracy welcomes you
to the Central West NSW
renewable energy co-operative

Power & Empower Communities

An Energy Democracy Co-operative presents individuals and small businesses a new opportunity to benefit from local and renewable energy.
If you live in Central West New South Wales, you can become a member of the local Energy Democracy
co-operative and access cheaper power
The Energy Democracy Central West NSW Co-operative has been established, with a volunteer board including local people shepherding the co-op’s investment in the solar park.
A 5MW town-scale solar park with 5MW battery storage is planned to be developed at 643 Mitchell Highway, Orange. 
Parcels of shares in the co-operative, comprising 2.5kW of solar PV panels and 2.5kWh of battery storage, will be available for just $4,995 thanks to a $3.5M grant from the New South Wales government’s Regional Community Energy Fund.
Home owners, renters, apartment dwellers, small businesses and landlords will all benefit as a member accessing cheaper power provided by the sun.  Importantly, you don’t lose your investment if you shift within the region.
Membership of the Co-operative is open to anyone in NSW, with a priority given to those living in the Central West NSW region, whether they be tenants or homeowners, small business owners or farmers.
Joining a local Energy Democracy Co-operative is supporting the local economy while also demonstrating green credentials to an increasingly climate-aware customer base.

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. Power Up and Save
By choosing to join an Energy Democracy Renewable Co-operative you have the opportunity to save money on your power bill while also making money.